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A few thoughts on our time in Liberia

Commentary: Amid sad context, Liberia’s story inspires

A UMNS Commentary
By Dean Snyder and Jane Malone*

The danger of visiting Liberia, as we did in February during the 2005 Liberia Annual Conference, is that a visitor might easily confuse the context with the story.

The context is a nation that has experienced more than two decades of violence and years of political and economic devastation. It has been 14 years since Liberia, once the jewel of West Africa, has had centralized electricity, water or sewage systems. Buildings have either been destroyed in fighting between government troops and rebels or have deteriorated without occupants, repairs or maintenance.

Until 2003, when former President Charles Taylor left Liberia in exile, most Liberians lived desperate lives, focusing daily on survival and protecting themselves against extortion and robbery. Many were eager for the United Nations and United States to help end decades of civil war and random violence.

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