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A working preacher in Washington, D.C., wrestles with Scripture, the (sigh) United Methodist Church and his soul.

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Currently the pastor of Foundry UMC in Washington, DC, a wonderful and blessed reconciling congregation. Formerly a United Methodist communicator and editor. Formerly a campus minister. Formerly pastor in Philadelphia for 24 years. Graduate of Albright College and Boston University of Theology. Husband of Jane Malone and father of David, Nancy and Naomi. Resident of Capitol Hill, a wonderful place to live! Articles published in Zion's Herald, a must-read magazine for Methodists, a variety of United Methodist publications, the Christian Century, newspapers.


Liberia Deaconesses

Liberia Deaconesses
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Just a few of the dozens of deaconesses who were consecrated during the Liberia annual conference. Dressed in white, the deaconesses filled a section of the First United Methodist Church of Monrovia where annual conference was held.


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