Untied Methodist (John 11:44)

A working preacher in Washington, D.C., wrestles with Scripture, the (sigh) United Methodist Church and his soul.

Location: Washington, D.C., United States

Currently the pastor of Foundry UMC in Washington, DC, a wonderful and blessed reconciling congregation. Formerly a United Methodist communicator and editor. Formerly a campus minister. Formerly pastor in Philadelphia for 24 years. Graduate of Albright College and Boston University of Theology. Husband of Jane Malone and father of David, Nancy and Naomi. Resident of Capitol Hill, a wonderful place to live! Articles published in Zion's Herald, a must-read magazine for Methodists, a variety of United Methodist publications, the Christian Century, newspapers.


Locusts and Honey profile on Untied Methodist

John the Methodist at the Locusts and Honey blog is doing a series of Methodist Blogger Profiles, and has just posted one on me. (Blush)

His three profiles so far are of Dave Warnock, a British (he is quite brilliantly British, I think) Methodist, who blogs at 42; Cole Wakefield, a Nashville Methodist, who blogs at Christian Dissent (Cole also does a radio show on Radio Free Nashville); and now me.

Reading Shane Raynor at the Wesley Blog and John the Methodist at Locust and Honey convinced me there was a community of blogging Methodists trying to talk and listen to each other across theological and political differences without pretending the differences don't exist. They inspired me to try to become part of this community with a blog of my own, even though I am a little long in the tooth for this kind of thing. So it is an honor and delight to be profiled by John.

(Although I do worry that in responding to his questions I have revealed too much, including the talent I have long secretly desired to have had.)

John is a master at drawing traffic to his blog, and in the process he helps build community and dialogue among Methodists. Thanks, John.


Blogger John said...

Dean, thanks for your kind words about my blog.

And thank you for putting so much thought into your profile. I confess that I had placed you in a box marked 'liberal Methodist' and I was a bit surprised to read your answer to your favorite hymn. I shouldn't have, but I was. I'm glad that you were able to knock down a stereotype that I had erected in my head.

1:04 PM  

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